U Perform Better Health and Rehab Personalizes Our Therapy Options to Suit Your Needs

Gone are the days of “one size fits all” pain therapies and injury rehabilitation treatments. Modern health therapists like U Perform Health and Rehab are educated and qualified in a variety of techniques in order to custom build a treatment plan to your needs.

At U Perform Better Health and Rehab we use a variety of assessment and treatment techniques to pinpoint and treat the cause of your pain, or performance limitations. This type of holistic approach allows us to adapt to your individual needs without limiting you to a single therapeutic solution.

Which solution are you looking for?
  • Pain

    Chronic Pain Therapies
    That Improve Your Quality of Life 


    U Perform Better Health and Rehab pain treatment begins with a full assessment of your strength, mobility, and limitations. Everybody is different, and so, every treatment package must be personally tailored to your needs, your pain and the causes of your discomfort. We’ll work with you to find the right therapeutic solutions for your body and make sure we get you on the path to a pain-free life.

    Discover the Freedom of a Pain-Free Life


  • Injury

    Rebalancing Your Body After Injury Can Prevent Long-Term Pain and Mobility Limitations

    The U Perform Better Health and Rehab holistic approach to assessment and treatment allow us to create personalized solutions for injury rehabilitation before long-term pain sets in, or even years after the original injury took place. Often times your mobility limitations, pain, performance, sleep, and mood can all be improved by treating injuries that your body healed, but never recovered from.

    The Injury Therapy You Need to Remove Your Limitations


  • Performance

    U Perform Better Health and Rehab Turns Contenders into Champions

    At some point in most athletic journeys you reach the point where almost every competitor possesses the same skill and talent. To take the next step means your mind and body must consistently be able to train and perform at optimal levels. Only then will you propel yourself to the podium. At U Perform Better Health and Rehab we assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to pinpoint and correct damage from old injuries and rebalance your body.
    We focus on:

    • Improving your nervous system communication with the brain
    • Building a strong, solid foundation from the feet up
    • Ensuring your body is recruiting from the proper muscles groups at the right time
    Accelerate Your Journey from Contender to Champion


  • Elderly

    Reduce Pain, Increase Your Mobility and Enjoy an Active Lifestyle

    In our modern world, we sit too long, eat poorly and aren’t active enough. The compound effect of these choices results in abnormal strain on our body which limits our capacity to function normally as we age. A recent study by Harvard University has found that the most common age-related disability is reduced mobility. As a result, even individuals as young as 50 are having difficulty with self-care and independent living. Some can’t even perform routine, day to day tasks on their own…but it’s not all doom and gloom. At U Perform Better Health and Rehab we specialize in assessing, repairing and improving your body. Whether you’re elderly or just a little over the hill, we can help you.

    Dance, Play, Run and Walk…it is Possible and We’ll Show You How