U Perform Better Health and Rehab Focuses on Individual Treatment Plans to Overcome Injury, Promote Healing and Improve Daily Life

It’s no secret that the human body breaks down as we age. The mystery is often in uncovering where the breakdowns are occurring and what are the side effects as your body compensates. Unfortunately, with the busy lives we lead as adults, many of us get stuck in treating the side effects and never address the cause. The results are often the same – chronic pain, general discomfort and ‘stiff’ joints, poor sleep, mental fatigue, and moodiness. None of these symptoms are part of growing old…but rather a result of untreated injury, muscle imbalances, scarring of the fascial tissues, poor posture and living with extra body weight. But here’s the really, really good news…it’s all treatable and you’ve come to the right place.

Assessing Strengths – Analyzing Health – Delivering Recovery

The U Perform Better Health and Rehab philosophy is simple but effective…

Assess Your Strengths

We are constantly assessing your strengths to determine where your body is breaking down and why. This allows us to lower inflammation, correct imbalances and treat injuries.

Analyze Your Body’s Health

Testing your body for inflammation, mobility, nervous system communication and coordination is the only way to determine how your body is working. Sometimes the strongest looking individuals are often the ones suffering the most.

Deliver a Path to Injury Recovery

Looking and listening to your body’s cues will give us a clear picture of what your treatment needs are. We then design a recovery path specific to your age, activity levels, strengths and weaknesses and your individual goals.

Our system is an effective and holistic way to treat injury, promote healing and improve performance in daily and athletic life.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment today to learn how U Perform Better Health and Rehab can help you overcome injury and reach your goals.